Getting Women on the Right Track!

Ladies First Track Day

Learn about Ladies First

As part of our innovative approach, Sportbike Track Girl pioneered the “Ladies Only” track day, where women of all abilities, from the newest beginner to the expert racers, can expand their skills and extract maximum performance from their motorcycles in a safe and controlled environment.  As an added bonus, women are able to learn in a comfortable and relaxed setting that addresses many of the fears and challenges unique to women within the sport. 


The Sportbike Track Girl staff will be out in force to make sure riders get all the help they need. Whether it’s help unloading a bike, answering a technical question, or tips on finding proper gear, we have participants covered. Not to mention, riders will get the best on-track instruction in the business!  Riders can count on a day of memories and friendships formed with ladies who love motorcycles as much as they do!


Your Ladies First Track Day Includes: 

  • Maximum on-track time 
  • On-track instruction 
  • Classroom instruction for Novice group riders 
  • Professional staff 
  • Free leather rental
  • Raffles 
  • Goodie bags 
  • Free event T-shirt 
  • Track photographer 
  • Michelin track-side tire service 
  • Industry vendors


To sign up for the Michigan event click the logo

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Rider Skill Levels

Please keep in mind that we do not teach you how to ride a motorcycle.

To participate as a first time Novice in an STT event you must be comfortable riding at near highway speeds and in moderate traffic.

If you are not yet at this level, call or email us and we'll provide you with some tips to gain more riding experience before your first track event.


Selecting Your Proper Skill Level

The proper grouping of riders is a critical ingredient in having a fun and enjoyable track experience. 

We are also more than happy to recommend a group for you if you are uncertain. Just shoot us an e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call 888-390-4020.

Please be honest with yourself and us when selecting a skill group.

If you are a new track rider, we recommend signing up for a novice group so you can take advantage of our classroom instruction.

Once your skills improve, you can talk to your instructor about evaluating you for the Intermediate group advancement.

If you have some prior track experience, you may register as an Intermediate rider when joining Sportbike Track Time.

Work with an instructor to further advance your skills and join the Advanced riders group at your instructor's recommendation.

If you are a new Sportbike Track Time customer, and you are holding an expert race license, please register as intermediate rider and fax your license to our office. We will change your group assignment in the office and you can register for an event as an Advanced rider.

If you register for a lower skill level (intermediate rider registering for Novice or Advanced registering for Intermediate), you will be expected to adhere to all rules governing that group and if necessary, adjust your pace and level of aggression to match the pace of the group.


Novice Group

If you have no prior motorcycle track experience you must register in the Novice group. NO EXCEPTIONS!

This group is designed for street riders, new(er) track riders and those seeking a bit more relaxed pace.

Novice group riders receive classroom and on-track instruction, including on-going critiquing of your track riding skills.

Instructors will accompany riders on all track sessions and your instructor will supervise you throughout your day.

You will learn how to enter and exit the track safely, and the meaning of all flagging communications.

During your classroom and on-track sessions you will learn the racing line, the proper use of the throttle, braking, gear changes and selection as well as basic cornering techniques and body positioning.

Everyone rides at his or her own pace with an emphasis on fun and learning.

All Novice group riders must attend all classroom sessions and ride within their group.

We are aware that many riders chose to ride in the Novice group multiple times due to the relaxed pace, which is why we divide the novice group into several sub-groups based on skill level. This allows for many differently skilled riders to enjoy this group for an indefinite amount of time. You do not have to graduate from Novice until you feel comfortable.


Intermediate Group

This group is for people who have enough experience to feel comfortable at an accelerated riding pace at a race track

Riders in this group will probably want to focus heavily on body position, setting up for turns, the racing line, and advanced throttle/braking control.

Instructors will be available upon request whenever possible. Please always feel free to ask them for help. They are there for you.

Safe passing is permitted anywhere with a 6-foot minimum safety cushion from ANY direction of the bike being passed.

The track tempo is intermediate to fast.

PLEASE NOTE: Riders in this group must wear a back protector and no licensed expert racers are permitted in the Intermediate Group unless cleared by Sportbike Track Time Staff.


Advanced Group

Intended for the club racer or very accomplished track rider.

You will gain valuable track time preparing for your next race, or just enjoy further refinement of your riding skills.

The pace is fast and there are no restrictions on safe passing.

Riders in this group must be comfortable passing and being passed in very close proximity to other riders and at high speeds.

PLEASE NOTE: Riders in this group must wear a back protector.